Over ten years of experience
in different field of design &
graphic communication

A brief resume

BAR-DESIGN is a multi-disciplinary design studio based in Cuneo, Italy.
Established in 2007 BAR-DESIGN works worldwide by the web, leaded by the Italian designer Luca Bar.
Our primary design field is motorcycle design and styling.

BAR - DESIGN è uno studio di progettazione multidisciplinare con sede a Cuneo, Italia.
Fondata nel 2007 BAR -DESIGN lavora in tutto il mondo dal web, guidata dall'omonimo designer italiano Luca Bar.
L'ambito principale di cui ci occupiamo è il design motociclistico.
Since motorcycles appeared more than hundred years ago, riders understood that those motorized two wheels had a soul; the feeling of freedom is close to flying, there's no way to explain it if you don't try.
Our goal is to grow those feelings and give a deeper soul to the bikes we design.

At BAR-DESIGN we know that DESING is a serious matter that has to do with COSTS, time, marketing and laws; but we also know that the only way to solve an articulate problem is to have fun doing it. We also believe that good design bring to good selling products, it have to, and it's part of our goal. (So you will call us back for other projects)

We can offer, with the network of our partners, a full design process, from concept sketches and 2D renderings, through 3D CAS modeling, to real scale model, reverse 3D and prototype.

None really "needs" a motorcycle, but once you ride one, you actually do.
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Luca BAR
Founder | CEO
Luca bar was born in 1980 in Turin, the European capital city of car design, he graduated at the Turin Polytechnic with a bachelor in industrial design and a specialization in Eco Design in 2004.

He entered the design world in the Car industry at "I.De.A. Institute" working for global brand as Tata, FIAT for automotive and Hoover, NEC and SIEMENS in product design. Shortly later he moved to Lugano to work for a multinational company in the fashion world, passing from product development to interior design, retail and temporary design.

Since 2007 Luca Bar is the CEO of the omonimous studio: BAR-DESIGN, that has been founded on the principles of edgy and sophisticated design.

Luca believes very strongly in technique and gravitates toward perfect proportions, any creative inspiration or inventive approach is always grounded in these guidelines of technique and core beliefs in design.
The experience in many field of Design, allowed him to develop great sensibility in creating the best match between aesthetic and function, achieving highly balanced results, able to bring the worldwide appreciated "Italian touch".

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Creative Director
Luisa Cavallera was born in 1980 in Cuneo, a beautiful city surrounded by the western Alps. She graduated at the Turin Polytechnic with a bachelor in industrial design and a specialization in Eco Design.

She entered the design world in the fashion industry,for a sportswear brand acquired in 2005 by the multinational VF Corporation. The wide experience with colors, fabrics, finishing, and washes of the fashion technology, made her aesthetic very sensitive.
Being a professional designer, as well as a wife and a mother, allows her to instantly understand complex designs briefs and solve them in the most pragmatical way, without losing anything of style.

Luisa's work is characterized by a conscious play of colors with a fashion accent that make the final design so unique and timeless at the same time.